WARDRIVER STICKERS - Accessories for WarDriving For Cars and Laptops
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White Wardriver Sticker

Dicut Stickers have each object (letter) cut out, only the lettering decal applys to surface.
Made to Last - Stick Em Anywhere - On your Laptop!!
Stickers for WarDriving people who WarChalk, WarStorm, WarWalk, WarDrive, WarFly

WarDrivers: One who locates and logs wireless access points while in motion ;[benign]. WarDriving was invented by Peter Shipley and now commonly practiced by hobbyists, hackers and security analysts worldwide.

WARDRIVING is fun and common in many cities, identify yourself as a WarDriver with these WarDriving 802.11a and 802.11b accessories. These are Vinyl DICUT Window stickers for your cars, laptops, or any non-textured surface. Hear the whistles, honks from fellow WarDrivers as you're scavenging the city for access points. These stickers look sexy on any car or laptop. Each letter is individually cut and is vinyl, not paper. Used for Window Stickers, Bumper Stickers. The sticker is marked with the )( icon for the hard-core warchalkers out there. Perfect accessory for any WarDrive event.

Dimension: 8" width by 2.5" height - Color: WHITE
Info: Sticks to Outside of Surface, works perfect
with tinted windows because it goes on the outside (weatherproof too!)

Buy )( WARDRIVER Stickers

Decal Stickers on Vehicles:

Stickers Shown in enhanced mode NOT actual size on vehicles, automobile not included.

Decal Stickers on Computers:

iBook not included.

These WARDRIVER Window Stickers were seen all over cars during DefCon X convention in Las Vegas as dozens of vehicles searched the city seeking access points and documenting them. Buy one, or a dozen for your organization, friends or family :)

Directions for Use: Simply peel back the sticker from the backing and apply to clean non textured surface. With a credit card or AOL Floppy disk rub the sticker onto the surface, once all air, bubbles and you are sure its on good slowly peel back the paper and watch the sticker stick to the window magically :) These stickers are weather proof, etc and should last a long time! Drink Coffee To Keep you Up WarDriving?

ATTENTION! More stickers? Mazda Decals.
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